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"We met Romi in spring 2011. Our new Beach Guest House was under construction and we faced the difficult task to restore and re-vegetate the required wetlands non-disturbance-fertilization buffer and design the planting around the house and the driveway.

We found Romi very responsive and understanding with regards to the need for deer-resistant plants. She worked closely with us and stayed within a tight budget.

Romi personally chose all the flowers, grasses, bushes and trees. Her crew is very well trained, was always on time and worked tirelessly under difficult conditions.

Romi did a wonderful job and we can highly recommend her without any hesitation.

Since the house has been finished Romi takes care of our property like it was her own."
Christa and Peter Malt, Southampton

"I hired Gardens by Romi to plant a native buffer for me because I unknowingly had cleared too much of the wetlands and I was in violation. Romi priced the job competitively, got it done quickly, is easy to work with and knows native plantings. She made sure that every thing she did was within the towns wetlands regulations and because of that, I was able to get my c.o.

I would highly recommend Gardens by Romi."
Steve Harris, Sag Harbor

"I was introduced to Romi about 3 years ago and our gardens are now magnificent. The care that Romi puts into her work really shows and her service is outstanding. My daughter got married at our home and the gardens were in the tent. The guests thought that they were put there just for the wedding. They could not believe that I get to live with this beauty every day. Up until the day of the wedding she was there making any changes that we needed and doing it with a smile. This really decreased my stress.

I would highly recommend Gardens by Romi."
Linda Davis, Southampton

"It is my pleasure to write a few words on Romi's behalf to promote her web site and business. In the past 15 years living on Long Island I have been involved in one way or another with horticulturists and landscapers, first running the operations at Bridgehampton Polo Club and now as an estate manager for a large property in Southampton.

In all these years it is safe to say I have never met anyone who puts so much of themselves into the job. Our property is a particularly difficult design to maintain, in that it is very natural - Romi, with her typical aplomb handles it beautifully - maintaining the delicate balance between natural fauna and decorative species.

Particular respect has to be shown a company that can slip in with the least disturbance, work their magic and slip out again. There have been many time when, in a jamb, I have called and said something like 'help Romi, I need 6 pots set up by 4:00 around the pool' - you know what, by 4:00 there were 6 pots.

In this economy there are lots of companies looking for your business, in the end it all comes down to: knowledge, service & dependability. In all three areas Romi prevails.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her services."
Clive Cardozo, Estate Manager

"It's as if a group of elves appeared and granted all my landscaping wishes. Romi has that genius combination of creative ideas and knowledge; practical applications for minimum maintenance if desired; flexible planning; and rapid fulfillment. She magically turned our very rough and untended landscaping into lush and gorgeous foundation plantings and gardens. She is a brilliant landscaping artist and designer."

Nancy, Sag Harbor

"We have a relationship with Gardens by Romi that spans eight years and two homes. Romi has been integral in the design, implementation, and maintenance stages, and she and her team do an excellent job at all of these levels.

They are responsive and talented, while also understanding of our budget. We particularly appreciate that Romi has a strong knowledge of the unique East End environment, and the many microclimates that can be found in a seaside location. Gardens by Romi is successful most of all because of their hard work and dedication to making landscapes beautiful."

Luke and Alison Babcock

"We are very pleased with Romi's work. We had worked with other landscape architects in the past and were not pleased with their communication nor abilities. Romi takes good care to balance our wishes, budget and vision - with her solid skills in the garden. We have recommended Romi to friends, and would undoubtedly use her again in the future."

Craig and Edwina Matthew

A Letter from Graham Lefford, Estate manager

"Dear Romi; It has been about two years since we have worked together. I can't tell you how much I miss you and the work that you do. I just came back to Dallas after having been in Colorado for 2 weeks. While I was gone the temperature averaged around 104 degrees each day. The company that takes care of our landscape made no allowance for the increased temperature and I returned to extensive damage.

This morning as I walked the property with the Supervisor (who is supposed to oversee the site) all I could think was how different it would have been walking the property with you. Instead of me having to chastise him and give him direction and deadline for getting everything fixed (he admitted he hadn't been on site for at least three weeks), you would have been telling me what you had done to preserve the integrity of the plantings and what we need to do in the future to make things better!

I have managed properties in four states, and have had both in-house landscape crews and countless subcontractors. In my 20 years of doing this work you are without question the best I have ever dealt with. You have taken care of three different places for me and I have never had to worry about any of them! You have treated every home like it is your own personal home. You have taken care of them with pride and precision and done so while respecting both budgetary restrictions and the personal tastes of our employers. I have the greatest respect for you, the work you do, and the standards that you hold for yourself and your crew. I miss you every day and wish I could bring you with me where ever I go!"

Graham Lefford

"We can recommend Gardens by Romi without qualification. Romi recently designed and installed beautiful landscaping around our new swimming pool and the rest of the garden area for our Southampton property. The work was executed flawlessly and efficiently in record time and on budget.

We highly recommend this wonderful service."

John Murtha and Charley Buck

"Whenever any client of mine asks for a referral for someone who can make the flowers and gardens on their property look beautiful I say, without hesitation, "The only person who I would trust to do this is Romi Sloan." We have been recommending Gardens by Romi to out clients for many, many years because Romi and her staff consistently exceed both our customers expectations and ours."

Tom Volk
ISA Certified Arborist NY-5205A
Ray Smith and Associates.

"I met Romi years ago when she created a magnificent english garden for my father's house. This past summer I asked Romi to help me spruce up the flowers around my house that had been destroyed by the deer roaming through my property. She came up with a fantastic proposal to get some color around my house, but at the same time planting flowers and grasses that would be deer repellent. She planted at the end of July and the heat was ferocious. Very soon, the flowers looked like they were dying due to a lack of water. My irrigation system was obviously having problems. Anyway, Romi immediately addressed the problem, was at my house, hand watered everything, called the irrigation company and came over everyday to water until the irrigation was repaired.

I have never seen someone so efficient and organized and who was also so pleasant to work with. I can not recommend Romi highly enough. She is an absolute gem of a person, who is honest and hard working!!"

Lisa McFadden, Southampton

"What I appreciate most about working with Romi is that she listens and helps me create my garden. She and her crew come and go like garden fairies and keep the plants looking their natural best."

Ana, Sagaponack